Renova 36 Light Pink Toilet Paper Jumbo Rolls – 6 Packs of 6 loo – 180 Sheets Each – 3 Ply – EMAS & Ecolabel Certified – Dermatologically & Gynecologically Tested – Elevate Your Restroom with Sustainable Luxury – Soft, Strong & Sustainable


    • ULTRA-SOFT 3-PLY TISSUE: Indulge in 36 jumbo rolls of premium quality, with 180 sheets each, boasting a gentle touch and durable construction of 2 outer layers and a high-quality white inner sheet
    • SOFTNESS YOU CAN TRUST: Made from 100% virgin pulp and dermatologically tested, our toilet paper provides a gentle touch that cares for your skin, delivering a luxurious experience with every use
    • ECO-CERTIFICATIONS: Our jumbo roll toilet paper proudly showcases its Ecolabel and EMAS certifications, demonstrating its adherence to eco-friendly standards throughout its production cycle
    • SCENTED CYLINDER BONUS: Infuse your bathroom with a pleasing scent using our toilet paper jumbo roll’s red cylinder, while the paper remains unscented, prioritizing hygiene and cleanliness
    • OPTIMAL FLUSHING PERFORMANCE: Our septic-safe 3-ply toilet paper guarantees optimal flushing performance by dissolving effortlessly in water, preventing drain blockages and ensuring smooth waste disposal

ENHANCE YOUR BATHROOM’S APPEAL: Enhance your bathroom’s visual appeal with our colored toilet paper, presenting an assortment of colors such as red, pink, blue, yellow, light pink, vanilla, orange, and green, for a captivating and inviting atmosphere

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Experience a realm of luxurious comfort with our exclusive Renova Light Pink Toilet Paper Jumbo 6-Pack, meticulously designed to bring a delightful twist of sweetness to your daily bathroom routine. Experience the ample supply of each roll, which contains 180 sheets, surpassing the quantity of standard Renova rolls (4.8″L x 4″ H), ensuring an ample supply for your convenience.

Crafted with the utmost care, our toilet paper is made from 100% virgin pulp, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. We take great pride in holding EMAS and Ecolabel certifications, a testament to our dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Enjoy a sense of serene comfort as the red cylinder emits a subtle and pleasing aroma while maintaining the luxurious softness you deserve. Be confident that our tissues undergo thorough dermatological and gynecological testing to ensure they are gentle and safe for your skin. With exceptional colorfast properties, our toilet paper ensures a clean experience, leaving no stains or marks behind. Additionally, it is thoughtfully designed to be septic-safe, ensuring compatibility with standard sewer systems.

The Red Label collection showcases meticulously crafted 3-ply sheets, featuring two double-faced light pink outer layers and a pristine white inner sheet. Not only does it offer enhanced strength, but it also adds an exquisite touch of elegance to your bathroom decor. Experience the luxurious softness and sophisticated style of our Light Pink Toilet Paper Jumbo 6-Pack, and allow this tissue to revolutionize your perception of an everyday essential. Create a tranquil ambiance while infusing your bathroom with a refined and captivating allure, rediscovering the profound impact of color on your daily life.

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