Renova 5-Pack Black Toilet Paper -choose your color and enhance the mood of your toilet – 30 Compact Rolls- 140 Sheets – 3 Ply – Eco-label Certified – Septic System Safe


    • TRANSFORM YOUR SPACE: Immerse yourself in the beauty of 140 sheets and 3-ply finesse for striking transformations
    • STYLISHLY KIND TO SKIN: Indulge in the elegance of this dermatologically tested toilet paper that guarantees a gentle experience
    • BLACK BEAUTY: Renova Toilet Paper – European Craftsmanship, EMAS & Ecolabel certified, 100% virgin pulp
    • FRAGRANT UPGRADE: Enhance your bathroom with a pleasant Sandalwood scent emanating from the colored cylinder
    • SEWER-COMPLIANT COLORFUL ELEGANCE: Enhance your bathroom ambiance with our colored toilet paper, ensuring the smooth functioning of your septic tank and sewer system

GIFT OF COMFORT: Show your care by providing high-quality and visually appealing toilet paper for a comfortable experience

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Get ready for an enchanting experience with this Renova 5-Pack black toilet paper, exuding an irresistible sense of allure. Each pack features 6 rolls of lavish black toilet paper, 3-ply, and boasting 140 sheets. With sheet dimensions of 4.5″ x 3.7″, totalling 52.3 Ft, this colored toilet paper transforms your routine, replacing regular rolls and conserving sheets.

Our steadfast dedication to a customer-centric product is undeniable.

Our premium yellow Renova toilet paper, crafted in Europe, is EMAS and Ecolabel certified and made with 100% virgin pulp. Undergoes thorough dermatological and gynecological testing. It ensures a gentle touch on your skin.

For cleanliness, the paper is fragrance-free, while the inner black cardboard tube subtly features a sandalwood scent.

In conclusion, don’t pass up these incredibly attractive set of 5 black toilet paper packs. Let your bathroom shine and be the envy of all with this captivating palette!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11.8 × 20 × 8 in