Renova Black Paper Towel Jumbo Roll Pack – 6 Rolls, 2 Ply, 120 Highly Absorbent Sheets – Embrace Modernity and Sophistication with Black Aesthetics


  • KITCHEN DESIGN : Bring elegance to your kitchen in a modern way and, make your home a little more sophisticated with this black paper towel jumbo roll!
  • PRODUCT DETAILS : This pack of 6 jumbo rolls of premium black paper towels measures 11″ high by 6″ in diameter It contains 120 sheets of 11″ x 9 4″ per roll, which is 31 5 feet per roll
  • 2 PLY SHEET: 2 black ply sheets – all black colored, adding a stylish added strength and, softness
  • SKIN FRIENDLY: Our tissues may come into direct contact with food stuff as well with the human skin and, the mucous membranes for a short period of time Not suitable, when wet, for contact with textiles
  • MATCHING COLLECTION: This black Label paper towel is a 6-rolls pack, also available in red label collection, complete your decoration with pink,red,blue,orange,green or yellow

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Introducing the Renova Black Paper Towel 6-Pack – a game-changer for professionals seeking excellence. With six rolls of premium black paper towels, this pack ensures a long-lasting supply for all your needs. Elevate your image with the professional style and uniqueness offered by Renova black paper towels.

Crafted with two-ply thickness, each sheet provides superior absorbency and durability, guaranteeing efficient cleaning tasks. Transitioning to black paper towels is a bold move that sets you apart from traditional white options. Moreover, the sleek and modern design of the black paper towels adds a touch of sophistication to any environment.

Experience the versatility of Renova black paper towels, as they are not limited to cleaning tasks alone. They are perfect for arts and crafts, DIY projects, or even as decorative accents. Enhance the ambiance of your office, studio, or workspace with these elegant black paper towels.

The professional-grade quality ensures optimal performance, making them a reliable choice for professionals. Renova black paper towels offer a unique opportunity to express your style and professionalism in a distinctive way. Moreover, with 120 highly absorbent sheets per roll, they are designed to tackle even the toughest spills.

Whether you are a designer, artist, photographer, or in any profession, these black paper towels make a statement. They allow you to make a lasting impression on your clients and colleagues with the elevated image provided by Renova. The superior absorbency of these black paper towels ensures quick and efficient cleaning without compromising quality.

Each roll is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of professionals who value excellence. Invest in the Renova Black Paper Towel 6-Pack and experience the difference in your daily tasks. Elevate your image, showcase your professionalism, and stand out from the crowd with Renova black paper towels.

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Dimensions 18 × 12 × 11 in


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