Premium Lime Green Toilet Paper Gift Box: Renova Rolls – 3 Ply, 140 Sheets – Dermatologically & Gynecologically Tested – Ecolabel Certified – Spark Enthusiasm with this Delightful and Unique Gift, Ignite Joyful Conversations!


    • MEMORABLE GIFT OF EYE-CATCHING PAPER ROLLS: Create a lasting impression with the perfect and original gift that sparks conversations and admiration
    • ELEGANTLY SOFT AND SAFE: Enhance your bathroom’s elegance with this dermatologically tested toilet paper that leaves no marks on your skin
    • EUROPEAN CRAFTSMANSHIP: Renova Toilet Paper – EMAS & Ecolabel certified, Exquisite Virgin Pulp, Unparalleled Quality
    • FRAGRANT CAPTIVATION: Captivate your senses with the enchanting Sandalwood fragrance of the colored cylinder
    • SEWER-SENSITIVE COLORFUL INDULGENCE: Indulge in the vibrant colors of our toilet paper, designed to be sensitive to the needs of your septic tank and sewer system

MAKE EVERYDAY MOMENTS SPECIAL: Elevate the ordinary with a gift that brings joy to everyday routines

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Seeking distinctive and fun toilet paper? Discover our lime green toilet paper gift box of 3 rolls, designed to astonish your guests and family. Inside the gift box, you’ll find 3 Renova lime green rolls, adding a vibrant splash of color. With 140 sheets per roll, measuring 4.5″ x 3.7″ or a total of 52.9 inches of paper, this toilet tissue may be slightly smaller in size, but its 3-ply thickness ensures an equivalent experience while helping you conserve sheets.

Crafted in Europe, our Renova toilet paper is made from 100% virgin pulp and proudly holds EMAS and Ecolabel certifications. For your assurance, our toilet paper undergoes rigorous dermatological and gynecological testing, ensuring a gentle touch without any dyes or markings.

For impeccable hygiene, the paper itself is fragrance-free, while the inner black cylinder offers a subtle hint of sandalwood scent.

In conclusion, enhance your bathroom with our lime green toilet paper gift box of 3 rolls. Allow the vibrant color to brighten your days, adding a touch of charm to your daily routine.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.8 × 4.8 × 12.1 in

Lime reen

Number of Ply

3 ply

Sheets per Roll


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