Revitalize Your Senses with Spearmint Scented Facial Tissue: 42 Packs of 9 Soft and Gentle 3-Ply Tissues in Refreshing Green – Embrace Everyday Freshness – Grab Now for a Reviving Experience


  • RELIABLE DURABILITY: Our facial tissue is designed to be tear-resistant and long-lasting, offering reliable performance with every use
  • A BREATH OF FRESHNESS: Infuse your skincare moments with a breath of fresh air through the green spearmint scent of our facial tissue, creating a rejuvenating ambiance
  • HYGIENIC MOISTURE CONTROL: The 3-ply design of our tissue ensures hygienic moisture control, preventing the spread of dampness and maintaining cleanliness
  • SKIN-SAFE FORMULA: Our tissue features a dermatologically tested formula, free from harsh chemicals and known irritants, for worry-free use
  • NATURAL ELEGANCE: Elevate your aesthetic with the exquisite 3-ply tissue—Two soft white layers and a refreshing green exterior
  • CURATED FOR EVERYONE: Also available in a set of 18, and 84 packs of 9 handkerchiefs in Purple, fuchsias, blue, red, orange, and yellow

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Are you tired of mundane tissue time? Indeed, look no further! Introducing our Renova Green Pocket Tissue 42-Pack, a remarkable addition to your convenience.

Prepare for a sensational tissue experience like no other. Infuse your everyday routine with a refreshing twist, as the invigorating scent of spearmint envelops you. Each tissue is luxuriously soft and soothing, ensuring a gentle caress on your delicate skin. Two inner layers of soft white, and one colored outer layer in the unique 3-ply design.

Measuring 8.26 inches x 8.26 inches, they provide ample coverage for all your tissue needs. This set includes 42 packs of 9 tissues, offering an abundance of joyous tissue time. Ideal for scent lovers, these tissues bring a burst of aromatic delight to your sniffles, sneezes, or simply pampering moments.

So why settle for ordinary tissue time when you can embark on a fragrant journey with our delightful Renova Green Pocket Tissue 42-Pack? Elevate your tissue game and experience the joy firsthand.

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