Indulge in the Revitalizing Power of Spearmint Scented Facial Tissue: 84 Packs of 9 Soft and Gentle 3-Ply Tissues in Calming Green – Embrace Everyday Freshness and Comfort – Grab Now for a Refreshing Relief!


  • SKIN-FRIENDLY COMFORT: Pamper your skin with our facial tissue’s softness, perfect for those with sensitive skin or delicate facial needs
  • INVIGORATING MINTY TOUCH: Delight in the invigorating minty fragrance as you use our facial tissue, adding a refreshing twist to your skincare routine
  • ULTRA-ABSORBENT CORE: Our tissue’s ultra-absorbent core quickly captures and locks in moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable
  • IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: With its dermatologically tested properties, our facial tissue is perfect for those with sensitive skin, minimizing the risk of irritation
  • EMBRACE THE VIBRANCY: Unleash your style with the unconventional 3-ply tissue—Two soft white layers and one distinctive green outer layer
  • UNCOVER YOUR FAVORITE: Also available in sets of 6, 18, or 42 packs of 9 handkerchiefs in different fragrances – lavender, rose, blueberry pie, Strawberry, orange fizz, and mangos

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Calling all scent lovers and tissue connoisseurs! Get ready to elevate your tissue experience with our Renova Green Pocket Tissue 84-Pack.

Experience the difference as you switch to our soft and soothing tissues, measuring 8.26 inches x 8.26 inches. And that’s not all – this amazing bundle includes a whopping 84 packs, each containing 9 tissues. With a total of 756 spearmint-scented tissues, this pack is a dream come true for tissue lovers!

Catering to scent enthusiasts, these tissues captivate your senses, adding a touch of magic to every use. Beyond typical tissue needs, their incredible softness and comfort will entice you to use them in versatile ways.

So, why settle for ordinary tissue time when you can immerse yourself in the enchanting world of green spearmint-scented tissues? Grab our delightful Green Pocket Tissue 84-Pack, and let the aroma whisk you away to tissue paradise.

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