Renova 3-Pack Orange Toilet Paper -Add Bathroom Fun With this Perfect Touch – Pack of 6 Compact Rolls- 140 Sheets – 3 Ply – Eco-label Certified – Septic System Safe – Sustainable & Soft


    • CURATE YOUR AESTHETIC: Design stunning arrangements with the precise dimensions of 140 sheets and 3-ply finesse
    • SKIN-SAFE SOPHISTICATION: Elevate your bathroom with the sophisticated charm of this dermatologically tested toilet paper that won’t leave any marks
    • EUROPEAN CRAFTSMANSHIP: Renova Toilet Paper – EMAS & Ecolabel certified, Exquisite Virgin Pulp, Unparalleled Quality
    • SCENTED SOPHISTICATION: Elevate your bathroom decor with the alluring Sandalwood fragrance of the colored cylinder
    • SEPTIC-CONSCIOUS COLORFUL SOLUTION: Choose our toilet paper for a colorful solution that prioritizes the health and longevity of your septic tank and sewer system

DRESS UP YOUR BATHROOM: Transform your bathroom into a colorful and inviting space with our range of toilet paper colors

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Get ready for an exciting journey with our extraordinary Renova 3-pack orange toilet paper, the epitome of opulence.

Picture 6 rolls of orange 3-ply paper, boasting a generous 140 sheets each, elevating your bathroom decor while sparing you from the tedious sheet swapping.

However, our dedication to a customer-friendly product matches the depth of this mesmerizing hue:

Renova toilet paper, meticulously crafted in Europe from 100% virgin pulp, proudly bears the prestigious EMAS and Ecolabel certifications, showcasing its unwavering dedication to the environment. Each sheet undergoes thorough dermatological and gynecological testing, ensuring your skin remains joyously unblemished.

And here’s an captivating surprise for your senses: the paper remains blissfully unscented, yet the inner black cylinder exudes a subtle hint of sandalwood, adding a touch of luxurious allure to each roll.

In conclusion, it’s time to embrace the allure of the darker side of toilet paper, infusing your bathroom with an air of mystery and sophistication. Don’t linger in the shadows—seize this Renova 3-Pack Orange Toilet Paper and become the coveted icon among bathroom connoisseurs. Make a statement with every wipe, because elegance and intrigue belong even in the humblest of spaces! Let the adventures unfold!

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