Renova 5-Pack Orange Toilet Paper -choose your color and enhance the mood of your toilet – 30 Compact Rolls- 140 Sheets – 3 Ply – Eco-label Certified – Septic System Safe.


    • DESIGNER’S DELIGHT: Elevate your decor game with the perfect combination of 140 sheets and 3-ply craftsmanship
    • FUNCTIONAL ELEGANCE: Decorate your bathroom with this dermatologically tested toilet paper that combines style and skin-friendly qualities
    • EUROPEAN ELEGANCE: Renova Toilet Paper – EMAS & Ecolabel certified, Finest Virgin Pulp, Unmatched Quality
    • FRAGRANT OASIS: Transform your bathroom into a fragrant oasis with the Sandalwood scented colored cylinder
    • SEWER-SAFE COLORFUL DELIGHT: Delight in the colors of our toilet paper without worrying about any negative impact on your septic tank or sewer system

BRIGHTEN UP OFFICE PARTIES: Bring a pop of color and fun to office celebrations and gatherings with our colorful toilet paper

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Get ready to be amazed by our exceptional collection: a set of Renova 5-pack orange toilet paper that will impress guests.

Each set features 3 packs with 6 rolls of vibrant orange paper, 140 sheets per roll, and 3-ply thickness.

Crafted with 100% virgin pulp, our Renova toilet paper proudly carries Ecolabel and EMAS certifications, demonstrating our commitment to eco-friendliness. But there’s more! We ensure your complete satisfaction by subjecting all our toilet papers to thorough dermatological and gynecological testing. They treat your skin gently, without any dyes or markings.

Enjoy the subtle sandalwood scent from the inner cardboard tube, while the paper remains free from added fragrance.

Brighten up your bathroom with our fantastic 5-pack orange toilet paper. Get ready to enjoy some laughs!

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