Renova 36 Pink Toilet Paper Jumbo Rolls – 6 Packs of 6 loo – 180 Sheets Each – 3 Ply – EMAS & Ecolabel Certified – Dermatologically & Gynecologically Tested – Elevate Your Restroom with Sustainable Luxury – Soft, Strong & Sustainable


    • PREMIUM PINK TOILET PAPER: 36 jumbo rolls, 180 sheets, 3-ply design Soft, durable, and vibrant 48″ x 4″ size Elevate your bathroom experience
    • SKIN-SAFE FORMULATION: Our luxury toilet tissue is specially designed to be gentle on sensitive skin
    • SUSTAINABLE CHOICE: Choose our jumbo roll toilet paper, certified by Ecolabel and EMAS, as a conscious decision to support sustainable practices, without compromising on quality or performance
    • ATMOSPHERE-ENHANCING CYLINDER: Infuse your bathroom with a subtle fragrance using our jumbo roll toilet paper’s red cylinder, while the paper remains unscented to maintain hygienic standards
    • EFFICIENT DISSOLUTION: Our septic-safe 3-ply toilet paper boasts efficient dissolution in water, promoting the proper functioning of your drains and maintaining the integrity of your septic system

EXPRESS YOUR INDIVIDUALITY: Make a statement with our colored toilet paper, showcasing a diverse color selection including red, pink, blue, yellow, light pink, vanilla, orange, and green, enabling you to reflect your unique personality in your bathroom decor

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Enhance your bathroom experience with our Renova Pink Toilet Paper 6-Pack, bringing joy and vibrancy to your bathroom routine.

This 6-pack contains 36 jumbo rolls, each featuring 180 sheets, offering more bathroom tissue sheets than Renova compact-size rolls (4.8″ L x 4″ H). Made of 100% virgin pulp, the red cylinder is very lightly scented, unlike the paper with a paper. Our tissues undergo thorough dermatological and gynecological control, colorfast, it will not dye or mark your skin.

This Red Label collection consists of 3 ply sheets – 2 outer double-faced pink sheets and 1 inner white sheet, adding style, strength, and softness.

Add a modern touch to your bathroom with our Renova Pink Toilet Paper 6-Pack. Experience a new level of toilet paper quality.

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Dimensions 12 × 30 × 9 in


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