Experience the Delight of Strawberry Scented Facial Tissue: 18 Packs of 9 Soft and Soothing 3-Ply Tissues in Radiant Red – Elevate Your Everyday with Playfulness and Fun – Grab Now for a Sensory Journey!


  • UNBEATABLE SOFTNESS: Indulge in the luxurious softness of our facial tissue, made in Europe with 100% virgin pulp of wood for a gentle touch
  • FRUITY BLISS: Treat yourself to a burst of fruity bliss with the strawberry-scented facial tissue, creating a cheerful and uplifting ambiance during your self-care moments
  • COLD-COMFORT TECHNOLOGY: Enjoy the cold-comfort technology of our tissue, which offers a refreshing touch for cooling down during hot weather or soothing minor discomforts
  • ALL-ROUND PROTECTION: Experience all-round protection for your skin with our dermatologically tested tissue, promoting healthy and radiant skin
  • RED RADIANCE: Experience the Unmatched Aesthetic Charm of 3-Ply Tissue—Two Soft White Layers and a Captivating Red Outer Layer
  • VARIETY FOR EVERYONE: Also available in sets of 6,42, or 84 packs of 9 handkerchiefs in lavender, rose, blueberry pie, spearmint, orange fizz, and mangos

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Attention all scent enthusiasts, Our new Renova Red Pocket Tissue 18-Pack is finally available!

Every gentle touch surrounds you with fruity scents and a sense of joy. Measuring a generous 8.26 inches x 8.26 inches, these tissues provide optimal coverage and comfort. Now, let’s add a twist to your everyday routine and infuse it with the delightful scent of strawberries.

Ideal for scent lovers, these tissues will elevate your tissue time to a whole new level of joy. Experience the delight of adding this strawberry scent to your day.

It’s time to embrace the fruity freshness of our strawberry-scented red facial tissue.

Don’t miss out on this delightful opportunity to indulge in the ultimate tissue experience. Order our Red Pocket Tissue 18-Pack now!

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