Experience Pure Mango Bliss: 84 Packs of 9 Yellow Facial Tissue, Mango Milkshake Scented – Soft, Soothing, and Perfect for Everyday Use – A Must-Have for Mango Lovers – Grab Now for an Exquisite Delight!


  • SUPREME SOFTNESS: Immerse yourself in the unmatched softness of our facial tissue, meticulously crafted in Europe using 100% virgin pulp of wood for a gentle and soothing sensation
  • FRUITY AND ENCHANTING: Indulge in a fruity and enchanting sensation with our lightly scented facial tissue, offering a subtle mango scent that transports you to a sunny paradise
  • SUPERIOR LIQUID ABSORPTION: Our facial tissue, designed with a 3-ply construction, excels in absorbing liquids, ensuring mess-free and efficient cleanup
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED FOR SAFETY: Our facial tissue has undergone rigorous dermatological testing to ensure its safety and suitability for everyday use
  • EXPRESS YOUR STYLE: Unleash your creativity with the unconventional 3-ply tissue—two soft white layers and a striking yellow outer layer
  • VARIETY UNLEASHED: Also available in sets of 18, or 42 packs of 9 handkerchiefs in lavender, fuchsias, blueberry pie, strawberry, spearmint, and orange fizz

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Attention scent enthusiasts and tissue aficionados! Get ready for an enriching experience with our Renova Yellow Pocket Tissue 84-Pack.

This pack has 756 3-Ply Yellow Facial Tissues. Each contains 6 packets of 9 soft and soothing tissues.

Infuse your everyday routine with a twist of mango-scented magic. Moreover, each tissue brings a touch of tropical paradise, with the sweet aroma of ripe mangoes filling the air.

Measuring 8.26 inches x 8.26 inches, these tissues offer generous coverage and unbeatable comfort. Furthermore, it’s like a gentle mango-scented touch that soothes your skin with every use.

But that’s not all! With 84 packs at your fingertips, you’ll have a continuous source of tissue-time comfort. It’s like having a treasure trove of mango-scented happiness always within reach.

These tissues exclusively cater to scent lovers and infuse your tissue moments with a playful and refreshing twist. Every sniffle and sneeze becomes a joyous celebration of mango-scented delight.

Why settle for plain tissues? Additionally, elevate your experience with our mango-scented yellow tissues for the next level of comfort.

Get our Yellow Pocket Tissue 84-Pack now for an unforgettable mango-infused tissue experience.

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