Immerse Yourself in the Joy of Strawberry Scented Facial Tissue: 42 Packs of 9 Soft and Soothing 3-Ply Tissues in Vibrant Red – Elevate Everyday Moments with Playfulness and Fun – Experience a Sensory Delight – Shop Now!


  • EUROPEAN CRAFTSMANSHIP: Meticulously crafted in Europe, our facial tissue meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship
  • SENSORY DELIGHT: Immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma of strawberries as you use our facial tissue, transforming your skincare routine into a sensorial journey
  • RELIABLE ABSORBENCY: With its 3-ply construction, our facial tissue provides reliable absorbency, allowing you to trust its performance in absorbing moisture effectively
  • PEACE OF MIND: Choose our dermatologically tested tissue with confidence, knowing that it meets strict quality and safety standards
  • VIBRANT ELEGANCE: Elevate your aesthetic with the exquisite 3-ply tissue—two soft white layers and a dazzling red exterior
  • THE ART OF SELECTION: Also available in sets of 6, 18, or 84 packs of 9 handkerchiefs in lavender, rose, blueberry pie, spearmint, orange fizz, and mangos

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Introducing our Renova Red Pocket Tissue 42-Pack! Get ready for a scent-sational experience.

With a whopping 42 packs of 9 soft and soothing 3-ply tissues, you’ll have an abundant supply at your fingertips. Measuring a perfect 8.26 inches x 8.26 inches, these tissues offer optimal coverage and comfort. Now, let’s add a twist to your everyday routine and infuse it with the captivating fragrance of strawberries.

Ideal for scent lovers, these tissues will transport you to a fruity paradise with each gentle touch. Farewell to ordinary tissue moments and welcome the delight of our Strawberry Scented Red Facial Tissue.

Experience the delightful touch of the sweet aroma of strawberries. Don’t miss out on this scent-sational deal! Order now and infuse your life with the enchanting scent of strawberries.

With our Red Pocket Tissue 42-Pack, you’ll have enough to indulge yourself and share with friends.

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Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 2 × 4.3 in


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